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What is this witchcraft?

Invented in the mid 1800’s by Frederick Scott Archer, wet plate collodion photography is a photographic process that involves coating a tin plate with a mix of light sensitive chemicals, exposing it to light (in camera), and developing said plate in a dark room all while the tin is wet. As a result, a positive image is made on tin, which will need to dry completely before getting varnished with a protective coating.

I started my tintype journey as an enthusiast, getting portraits made by local artists annually as our family expanded. During the pandemic, I started taking workshops taught by Lisa Elmaleh, one of the best, and it’s been a ride ever since! The slower wet plate process has been an amazing juxtaposition to the more fast paced digital photography practice. It’s like casually driving on hilly backroads watching out for deer while digital is like city driving, fast and no time for second guessing. Is this a good analogy? Only time will tell.

Tintypes can be made outdoors in natural light or indoors with studio lights. You can follow Pangtography’s Instagram to be in the know for pop-up dates or inquire for a private session!